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Festive RIDE Results 

The South Simcoe Police 2017 Festive RIDE program has wrapped up for the season and the results are quite disappointing with an increase ...

Winter has arrived! To avoid any problems, we suggest the following driving tips. Before heading out on your journey, make sure your windows, lights, and ...

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Speeding, Stunt Driving 

(Innisfil,ON)  On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, around 1:45 p.m. a South Simcoe Police officer was conducting speed enforcement in a school zone on the 20th Sideroad in Lefroy.  He noticed a vehicle coming towards him at a high rate of speed. The officer obtained a speed measurement of 109 km/h in a 50 km/h in a  Community Safety Zone.  The car was pulled over and a 22 year old woman from Innisfil was charged with Speeding and Stunt Driving.  Her driver's licence was suspended for 7 days and her car impounded.   

Found Property 

(Bradford, ON) South Simcoe Police are hoping to reunite the owner of a found ladies ring with the rightful owner. A good samaritan found the ring on the ground on Saint Ave in late November and turned it over to police. 

If the ring is yours or your know who owns it, please contact the Identification Unit at (905) 775-3311 extension 1069 to make arrangements to claim your property, 

Impaired Driver 

(Bradford, ON)  On Friday, February 02, 2018, around 11:30 a.m., South Simcoe Police recceived a call from a concerned citizen about a possible impaired driver.  The caller described a man passed out inside his vehicle in the parking lot of a plaza located on Holland Street, West, in the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury.  Police arrived and found the described car with a male driver behind the wheel, now awake. While speaking to the driver, the officer noted a strong odour of alcohol, however, he denied having anything to drink on today's date.  The officer formed the opinion his ability to drive was impaired by alcohol and asked him to exit the car.  While doing so, the officer noticed a beer can in the door of the vehicle. 

He was arrested and taken to the South division for testing. 

The 32 year old male from Holland Landing was charged with Impaired Care and Control and Drive Over 80 mgs.  He will appear in court later this month to answer to these charges. 

Pursuit Initiated 

(Innisfil, ON)  On Sunday, February 04, 2018, shortly after 8:30 p.m., South Simcoe Police were conducting a R.I.D.E. program near Jans Blvd and Anna Maria Blvd, in the Town of Innisfil.  A vehicle approached the spot check and made an immediate u-turn.  The driver led the officer in a short pursuit before he was able to pull the vehicle over safely a short distance away.  Police learned while speaking to the male driver that he had not consumed any alcohol but was avoiding the spot check because the car he was driving was never registered, the plates attached were borrowed from his roommate and he didn't have valid insurance on the car. 

The 28 year old from Innisfil had his car towed and impounded and he was charged with a number of Highway Traffic Act offences including Careless Driving and  Fail To Stop For Police,. 

He is to appear in court in March of this year. 

Assault x3 

(Innisfil, ON)  South Simcoe Police responded to a call on Sunday, February 04, 2018 just after 10:30 a.m. to a home in Innisfil for a domestic assault.  A woman reported that she was pushed, tripped to the floor, dragged by her hair and punched in the face by her boyfriend.  Police also learned that in December of 2017 she had also been assaulted by the same boyfriend. 

A 51 year old from Innisfil was arrested and charged with Assault x3 and will appear in court in March 2018. 


South Simcoe Police were out on Sunday, February 04, 2017 conducting R.I.D.E. in various locations, stopping over 300 vehicles. Seven roadside screening device tests were conducted resulting in 2 - 3 day licence suspensions and one 7-day licence suspension. 

Impaired Driver, Over 80 mgs 

(Innisfil, ON)  On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, just after 9:30 p.m., South Simcoe Police were informed by a number of citizens that a male was seen leaving a local Pizza shop staggering and causing a disturbance in the Town of Innisfil.  The male had drawn attention to himself by yelling "Pot for Sale". 

When police arrived, the male was located sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle with the keys in the ignition.  When asked to step out from the car, police observed him unsteady on his feet and detected a strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath. 

At this time, the officer formed the opinion the males ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol. 

A 20 year old male from Thamesville, ON, was arrested and taken to the station for further testing where he was charged with Impaired Care and Control, Over 80 mgs and received a Highway Traffic Offence notice for not registering the vehicle in his name. The vehicle was impounded and the male's licence was suspended. He has a court date in March to answer to the charges. 

Media Release. Friday, March 9, 2018.

WARN Range Suspension

(Innisfil, ON) There are several affordable "personal Breathalyzer" available on the market.  However, a 29 year old Bradford man found out the hard way that you get what you pay for.  After consuming alcohol earlier in the evening on Thursday, March 8,  the man tested his own breath prior to driving.  Around 9:10 p.m. ,the man found himself stopped in a South Simcoe Police Service RIDE program on the 10th Sideroad of Innisfil.  Officers detected an odour of alcohol on the man's breath and conducted a roadside screening device test.  The test result indicated the driver's blood alcohol was in the warn range category.   After the test the driver conducted a test with his own device in front of officers.  The result was inaccurate.  Officers conducted 2 additional checks of the man's breath over the next 19 minutes confirming the results of their first test.

This is the second incident where personal breath testing has gone awry.  In 2013, after testing her breath with her own device, a York Region woman was arrested by South Simcoe Police Service officers after she was found driving in Innisfil with a blood alcohol level above 80 mgs.  There are only a handful of devices that are approved for police usen to accurately test a driver's blood alcohol concentration.  Prior to being approved for use in Canada these devices are tested by several independent adjacencies including the Center of Forensic Sciences to be proven reliable and accurate.   

Save yourself the false sense of security. Call a cab, a friend , a taxi or a designated driver service.  Relying on a device purchased on line puts your licence and safety at risk along with other road users.  Police Services have an extensive quality assurance program in place to ensure that breath testing equipment remains accurate and calibrated.  This involves the use of expensive scientific instruments and solutions not normally available to the public.

COAST Assists People in Crisis

On Thursday 8th March, South Simcoe Police uniform officers alongside members of the Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) attended two residences in Bradford. In one instance, the person in crisis was transported to hospital by paramedics. Members of COAST met with the family to ensure that they were aware of the resources and supports that are available in the community. At the second incident, members of COAST spoke directly to the person in crisis and were able to offer guidance to them in an effort to get the necessary counselling and supports to deal with their particular crisis.

The COAST members work within the community to supplement treatments and/or provide direction as to where resources can be accessed to assist them. This is done through follow-up visits by the Team.

COAST responds to all calls that involve crisis-response that include:

  * mental health situations   * suicide-related incidents   * suspected overdoses   * occurrences involving persons experiencing adverse symptoms related to neurodevelopmental considerations (like autism)   * persons experiencing negative symptoms from dementia   * other crisis-related situations

COAST crisis workers are a partnership between South Simcoe Police and York Support Services Network (YSSN) 310-COPE and CMHA Barrie. The program is partially funded by the Central Local Health Integration Network (CLHIN) and provides a valuable resource to both the residents of Innisfil and Bradford West Gwillimbury.

RIDE Results

South Simcoe Police Service officers conducted RIDE spot-checks at various locations throughout Innisfil on the evening of Thursday, March 8. About 500 vehicles were stopped which resulted in four WARN Range Suspensions being issued. Three people had their licence suspended for three days and one person will be out of the driver's seat for seven days as this was their second WARN Range suspension.

South Simcoe Police Service officers set up RIDE spot checks throughout the year. RIDE is one way police try to keep our roads safe and rely upon the support and eyes of the motoring public to help keep impaired drivers off our roads. If you see a suspected impaired driver, call 9-1-1.

Let's work together to keep our roads safe for all users.

Canada Revenue Agency Scam

South Simcoe Police Service constables  received a report of a citizen being defrauded of money in a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam. The police would like to remind the public that no legitimate organization or group is going to ask or demand that you pay for goods, services or penalties (fines) using gift cards. Recently, there has been an increase in the use of iTunes cards in many of these scams. If you are asked to pay using any gift card, do not provide information and hang up on the caller. If there is a threat of jail (CRA scam) contact the police for advice. It is important that everyone understands this type of scam so we can reduce the number of victims who suffer financial loss. Talk to vulnerable members of your family and friends about this type of scam to ensure they don't fall prey to these criminals.

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